Monday, 30 November 2015

New Music With MBC!!!

Picture: MNEK & Zara Larsson
Hello everyone and happy Monday to you all!!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and ready to start a new week.

How is everyone’s Christmas shopping coming along?

Hope you started now as it is getting closer to Christmas and people will be shopping like crazy to the point it will be over packed and you definitely want to miss that lol.

We have finally set up the tree in the living room. Only thing to do is decorate the house.

I love Christmas, it is my favourite time of the year besides my birthday being in the same month, ok so make that two favourite events of the year :)

As I have been very busy lately, I didn’t get to post this entry last week.

So to make up for it, here are 6 fabulous new songs to ease you into your day and week!!

If you loved today’s entry, you can purchase the songs now on ITunes or at your local retailer.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

EMPIRE CAST – Powerful (Ft. Jussie Smollett & Alicia Keys) (USA)

Kelly Clarkson – Piece By Piece (USA)

Slinkee Minx – Lift Me Up (AUSTRALIA)

Adele – When We Were Young (USA)

Reece Mastin – Even Angels Cry (AUSTRALIA)

Zara Larsson & MNEK – Never Forget You (Sweden/UK)

There you have it everyone!!!

How great are these songs?!

As I mentioned earlier, if you enjoyed today’s compilation, you can purchase now on ITunes and at your local retailer if you want to purchase the complete album.

Have a wonderful day and week!!!

Make sure to take a break when you need it, it’s important to look after yourself and not burn yourself out.

That’s my advice of the day ;)
Before I go, it is the last day of Spring here in Australia and tomorrow is the first day of Summer!!! I hope it is not too hot this season coming, especially with these awful bushfires that is causing this awful heat.
Stay cool and hydrated everyone!!!

Much love and ciao for now!

Hanan xx

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