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Artist Of The Week: Q&A With Antonio Rullez

Picture: Antonio Rullez

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Antonio Rullez is a singer – songwriter, composer, performer, producer and dancer from Melbourne Australia.

Recently, I got in touch with Rullez to do an exclusive one on one interview and was happy to take part in Artist Of The Week!!!

End of last year Antonio released new EP “Come Fly” which consists of 5 tracks; featuring “Mi Casa, “Come & Fly This Mountain”, “Perfect Kind”, “Are You Leaving” and “How I Long”.
You can listen to EP “COME FLY” now via the links below:
Two singles were released from the EP “Mi Casa” and “Come & Fly This Mountain”. Video for “Mi Casa” coming soon!!!

Antonio Rullez – Come & Fly This Mountain (Audio)
*Lyric video to this song, will be up soon. Stay tuned!!! If you can’t wait you can view it on the artist’s page via the link below:
In this interview, the artist talks about when he started singing, inspirations, the story behind his latest single “Come & Fly This Mountain” and more!!!
Please welcome the talented Antonio Rullez!!!
Please tell the readers who is Antonio Rullez? And where you’re from?
Antonio: I am a singer/songwriter, actor, dancer and pianist from Melbourne, Australia.
When did you know you wanted to become a singer?
A: I remember when I was about 13 years old, listening to some great music from artists such as Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men and Janet Jackson and having one of those special life-changing moments, thinking that being a singer, recording artist and performer is what I really wanted to do when I grew up.
Who was your inspiration growing up?
A: Growing up, I was inspired by many artists in a variety of music genres such as r’n’b, pop, dance and Latin. My major inspirations, especially early on, were artists such as Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Bon Jovi, Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson.  A bit later on, I was also very inspired and influenced by Ricky Martin, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban.
Last year you released your second single “Come & Fly This Mountain” off your new EP “COME FLY”. What was the inspiration in writing this song?
A: “Come and Fly This Mountain” is one of my favourite songs on the EP.  When I wrote this song, I was sitting at the piano one afternoon with the sun shining in, and I felt come upon me the inspiration of a divine message, along with a simple and catchy melody and lyrics. 
The message was basically that we can “fly” on the “mountain” and achieve our goals and dreams in life and whether we come to God, at times, with a sense, for instance, of “rush” or “love” or both, he will always help us, both in the difficult times, and in the wonderful times when he will “fly [these] mountain[s]” with us.
From the EP, which is your favourite song to perform and why?
A: I love to perform all of the songs on the EP, but my absolute favourite to perform is “Are You Leaving?.”

The reason is that whether performed to a backing track or live, the song has a sensational, mid-tempo fusion of pop, latin, soul and even some elements of funk, if the live guitar is played in a particular way, which really makes it fun and stirring to perform live, both for the singer and guitarist, and for the audience.

What has been the most memorable moment to date throughout your career?
A: I think the most memorable moment of my career to date was my performance as part of the 7-piece “Platinum Band” in Beijing, China for the British Chamber of Commerce Annual Ball – it was an amazing couple of days!  Furthermore, I think equally memorable has been the recent release of my “Come Fly” EP, which includes some of my best and favourite original tracks so far.
In the coming months, what should the fans expect?
A: I’ll soon be releasing through Strawberry Hills Records my third single off the “Come Fly” EP, “Are You Leaving?” along with a lyric video for the track, which I’m very excited about.
And what would you like to say to your current and new fans?

A: To those who’ve been with me on this journey and supporting me for many years, thanks for sticking with me.  To the new fans, I can’t wait to meet you all and I hope that my music inspires you and that you can relate to it in some way.  Ultimately, the music is for you, the fantastic fans, and for our magnificent creator.  God bless you all and, as I like to say, quoting Janet Jackson, “Are you ready? Good. Let’s dance!”
Thank you so much Antonio for doing this amazing interview with Music Beats Central!!!
I’m happy to announce that Antonio will be releasing 3rd single from his EP “Come Fly” called “Are You Leaving?.”
Another amazing upbeat track that is sure to get you up and dancing!!!
Lyric video coming to you soon.
After reviewing all 5 tracks I rate it 5/5.
An EP that is definitely worth listening too!!!
It’s full of soul, melody, passion and exquisite quality.
If I had to choose which one is my favourite, it would be Come & Fly This Mountain. I mean I love all 5 tracks, but this has to be one of my favourites.
An artist to look out for no doubt!!!
You can purchase “COME FLY” now on ITunes & Google Play!

So what are you waiting for? Purchase COME FLY now ;)
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