Monday, 25 January 2016

Music Video Of The Week: Reba McEntire – Just Like Them Horses

Have you checked out Reba’s inspirational video?

It’s a message to her late father Clarke McEntire, who passed away 2 years ago.

It really pulled some heart strings here at MBC HQ!!!

So nice to see Reba’s soft and vulnerable side.
Thank you for sharing your story with us Reba.

Such a talented singer - songwriter!!!
An artist I truly respect :)

This song goes out to anyone who has lost someone.

Make sure you have those tissues ready!!


What a beautiful song. This song reminded me of some of the people I and my family lost last year. You are now free!!!
Seeing those horses run, was a beautiful touch on what the song is about!!! Love the light and shade and the simplicity in this video!!! True perfection :)

If this song touched your heart as it touched mine, head on over to ITunes and purchase the single and album now!!!

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Much love and ciao for now!
Hanan xx


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