Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Australia’s Top 5 Indie Record Labels You Should Know

It’s difficult for emerging artists’ to get there music heard, especially when they want to send their demo's to major records labels but get turned down.

Well thank to the gods, we have independent record labels who give you a chance to get your music out there.
But of course you need to be able to sing!!! 

To all Australian artists’ out there, here are MBC’s top 5 Indie Labels You Should Know.

Northtone Records (Melbourne): Northtone Records is a new Melbourne based record label focused on Pop, Soul, Indie-folk and Indie-rock. The name derives from their humble beginnings in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, founded by a love for creating beautiful music and run in a close-knit family-esque nature. 
The label was foundered by Jimi Lundy in 2014 by signing his first artist Revival Nona. Working in music education Jimi Lundy has seen talent come and go, his vision for Northtone Records is to capture young emerging talent and with a strong team focused on artist development, production, promotion and distribution; release refined music and assist artists reach new heights in their music careers.

Website: http://northtonerecords.com/

Central Station (Sydney):
Central Station Records, Australia’s longest running independent record label pioneers the best in house, electro, trance, urban and hard dance music. Giving you the most cutting edge local and international talent, CSR continues to pump out top selling compilations, artists albums, EPs, DJ mixes, events and more.
The A&R Department (Sydney): The A&R Department is the leading Australian company for developing and releasing music from emerging Australian talent. The A&R Department is focused on providing a platform for artists to develop their artistic direction and promote, distribute and publish their music while stay 100% independent.

The A&R Department was founded by Matt O’Connor, the Managing Director at The A&R Department and former Head of A&R at Warner Music Australia.

SUGARRUSH Records (Brisbane): SR releases music globally through their good friends and digital distributors IODA/The Orchard – head over to their releases page to scan through just some of the records they have put out over the past few years. Their ‘Artist’ pages profiles those acts who they are working closely with right this minute.
Alongside digital distribution, they also arrange physical production including CDs and vinyl depending on what you need. They generally work long-term with their artists across a number of releases – but they are also happy to look at one-off distribution arrangements.

Quokka Records (Perth): Quokka Records is an international music label based in Perth, Western Australia. It is dedicated to serve artists from all corners of the world and is focussed at promoting good music irrespective of genres. Quokka Records will be releasing Techno, House, Trance, Dub and Rock. The label is currently in the process of signing some exciting artists and bands. These releases will be featured in the coming months!

I am sure there are many other Australian indie labels out there, if you know of any feel free to post in the comment section below. Would love to know :)

I hope this has helped you in some way and I wish you all the best with your amazing journey!!!

Until next time, make sure to come back as I mention MBC’s top 5 Music Studios in Australia.

Much love and ciao for now!
Hanan xx


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