Sunday, 20 March 2016

Smooth Tunes With MBC!!!

Picture: Backstreet Boys
Hi MBC Fam!!!
How are we all?
I know, I know, I haven’t posted these past few weeks and I am so sorry.
Been heaps busy personally and have been unwell these past few days, but I am recovering and will gradually start posting more here at MBC HQ.
I can’t promise, but I will try my best to post weekly.
It’s the early evening here in Oz, and I thought why not slow things down this evening with my top 7 favourite easy feel good songs to help you relax!!!
Make sure to download tonight’s compilation now on ITunes or make it a compilation on Spotify to hear it on repeat ;)
Sit back, relax with your favourite drink and a nice book to read with the music playing in the background and enjoy!
RyanDan – I See Your Face
Vanessa Williams – Colors Of The Wind
Josh Groban – Pure Imagination
Bette Midler – Wind Beneath My Wings
Sting – Shape Of My Heart
Whitney Houston – I Look To You
Backstreet Boys – More Than That
What a beautiful playlist, am I right?!
If you loved today’s compilation as much as I enjoyed sharing with you all, than do yourself a favour and head on over to ITunes and purchase all 7 songs.
Or if you can’t wait, head on over to Spotify compile all 7 songs and put it on repeat as mentioned earlier in the post :)
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Don’t forget to show some love and do the same for the latest new music, classics and more by heading to the links below!
Have a beautiful evening everyone and a fabulous week ahead and talk to you all soon!!!
Much love and ciao for now!
Hanan xx

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