Friday, 22 April 2016

Artist Of The Week: Q&A With Kaylee Keller

Hi MBC Fam!!!
I’m so excited to share with you all MBC’s Artist Of The Week.

Her name is Kaylee Keller; singer – songwriter and actress from Garden City Kansas USA.
At just 18 years old, this artist has so much talent and a gift that needs to be shared.

She is truly talented and I can’t wait for you all to listen and watch her latest single “Diamond”.

Keller explains in this interview what the song is about I wrote Diamond from getting sexually harassed in high school.
I wanted Diamond to be an up lifting and empowering message for others going through difficult times.”

A true inspiring song and video, and I hope this song reaches out to each and every one who is going through a tough time in their lives and know you are a Diamond.

By the way you can purchase her latest EP “Diamond” now on ITunes. It consists of 4 tracks; “Diamond”, “Song Like That”, “Bad Boys and Good Girls” and “Us”.

The link can be found towards the end of this entry :)

If you can’t wait to hear it, you can now on SoundCloud. It’s an EP you will all enjoy!!!

Kaylee, talks about a lot of things; her humble beginnings in wanting to become an artist, her experiences, talks about her latest single and behind the scenes, and so much more.
Thank you so much in taking the time out of your busy schedule Kaylee to do this exclusive interview with me.
Please welcome my special guest Kaylee Keller.

Please tell the readers, who is Kaylee Keller and where you’re from?

Hello and thank you Hanan and Music Beats Central for interviewing me today!
I am an 18 year old singer, songwriter, and actress from Garden City Kansas. I am a positive and energetic person who loves to laugh. I find a lot of humor in everyday life.

How old were you when you knew you wanted to become a singer-songwriter?

There was never an “ah ha” moment where I chose to pursue music. I was told that I was already singing and enjoying music as a toddler and I have never stopped wanting to pursue it ever since.

Your latest single “Diamond”, what is the song about? And what was the inspiration behind the song?

I wrote Diamond from getting sexually harassed in high school.
I wanted Diamond to be an up lifting and empowering message for others going through difficult times.

When you filmed your latest single, what was your favourite part?

I loved the entire process of filming because I love acting. I think my favorite part was seeing my words come to life visually on the screen. Also watching everybody on set singing and dancing along with my song.

If you could go anywhere in the world to tour, where would it be and why?

That’s a very hard question to answer because I enjoy traveling everywhere. I love meeting new people, experiencing new places, and hearing others life stories. It’s all an adventure to me.

Being in the music industry, what has been the most challenging? And what has been the most positive?

The most positive has been working with a wide variety of talented people in their different crafts and having the opportunity to collaborate with them.

The negative has been learning how to manage my time. I have very long days and a wide arrange of things to do in my daily tasks and balancing it around traveling.

In the coming months, what should fans expect?

More music, live shows, and lots of interviews and radio play! Being only 18 years old I have so much yet to experience and learn. I'm looking forward to taking my career to the next level by working harder, serving others, laughing and having fun! Stay tuned at

And what would you like to say to your new and current fans?

I think everyone at times in life can feel isolated, hurt, and alone. But DO NOT EVER stop believing in yourself. Keep moving forward and pursing your dreams because you are a Diamond.

It was a true joy and privilege to interview you Kaylee.

Thank you again for sharing with us, your experiences and remarkable talent.
We can’t wait to see what’s next in store for you.

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Hope you enjoyed this exclusive entry, as much as I enjoyed sharing with you all.

Have an amazing day/afternoon/evening, wherever you maybe in the world.
Wishing you all an beautiful weekend!!

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Much love to you all and ciao for now!
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