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Artist Of The Week: Q&A With Antonio Rullez

Hi everyone and welcome to MBC’s Artist Of The Week Q&A series.

So many great submissions were sent through recently and would like to thank each and every one for your submissions.

To kick-start the series, here is my first artist of the week hailing from Melbourne, Australia Antonio Rullez.

Rullez brought you singles such as “Mi Casa”, “Come & Fly This Mountain” and latest EP “Come Fly”.

If you would like to know more about Antonio as an Artist, early last year we did an exclusive interview which you can click via this link:

To freshen your memory, click on the links below!

Mi Casa

Come & Fly This Mountain (Audio)

He is a singer-songwriter, producer, director, actor, dancer, DJ, Choreographer, Music Teacher and now an entrepreneur with a new business venture “Antonio Rullez Academy Of Performing Arts”.

Antonio is a multi-talented entrepreneur with so much extensive experience in the music/entertainment industry which has helped start his school.

Having this background really helps when you want to start your own business and that is what Antonio did.

To find out more, check out our exclusive interview below for more info.

In this interview Rullez talks about his new venture, what’s been the most positive since starting his academy, what future students should expect when joining and much more.

Please welcome my special guest Antonio Rullez!!!

You are a singer, songwriter, producer, director, dancer, DJ and now an entrepreneur with a new business venture “Antonio Rullez Academy of Performing Arts”.  How did that all come about?

AR: Well, first of all, thank you again, Hanan for the opportunity to do this interview.  I have been coaching/mentoring in singing, acting, dance and piano for many years now and so I thought it would be great officially to begin my own Academy of Performing Arts. 

Since starting your academy, what has been the most rewarding?

AR: What I have found most rewarding has been connecting with different people, some of whom I had previously known for years and some, for only a short time, in relation to coaching and mentoring in the performing arts.

What can your future students expect when joining the Academy?

AR: Future students can expect a fresh and vibrant approach to coaching and mentoring in respect of overall performance, natural and open-throated singing and voice production, as well as acting and theatre skills, dance/movement/choreography, and piano and music theory.

What makes your school stand out from the rest of the competitors out there?

AR: I offer an energetic and organic approach to performing arts training and mentoring, which is tailored to the needs and desires of the student, both at a practical and theoretical level.

When do classes start and what do you offer?

AR: Classes have already commenced and I offer coaching/mentoring in the areas of singing/voice, acting/theatre, piano, dance and music theory.

In the coming months, is there anything you would like to mention, that we don’t know about?

AR: I would like to mention that alongside the Academy, I am also now running “Antonio Rullez Entertainment”, which focuses on services and entertainment that I can provide as a singer, DJ, dancer, actor, pianist and/or MC.

And how can your future students get in touch to sign up with your Academy?

AR: Future students can contact me via Facebook, Instagram, email or telephone:
T: 0407 048 236

Thank you so much in taking the time to do this exclusive interview with me.

If you are a student in Melbourne and looking for an academy who can help you transition from beginner to expert than you are in the right place.

Classes have already commenced, but you can still show your interest by contacting Antonio Rullez now via the links mentioned in today’s entry.

And to follow on all of his music social media pages, you can via the links below:

To purchase EP “Come Fly” which features singles “Mi Casa” & “Come & Fly This Mountain” you can now on ITunes and you can listen to the complete album on Spotify.


What a way to start the Q&A series am I right?!

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