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Artist Of The Week: Q&A With Dan Miz

Welcome to another Artist of the Week series.

Talented singer, songwriter and Producer Dan Miz hails from New York City, USA.

“Exceptionally soulful” and “seductive” are just a few of the phrases used to describe Dan Miz, the NYC based singer, songwriter, and producer.

From early on, Dan was a self-taught drummer, using his musical inclinations as a springboard for mastering the piano, guitar, and the ukulele; by age 11, he already had “producer” on his resume.

Being a NYC native afforded him exposure to some of the greatest musicians of all time, inspiring him to spend hours inside his home studio developing his own unique sound.

The result was a sophisticated spin on pop music with endorphin-inducing tracks that reached 63k+ plays on SoundCloud and over 200,000 hits on YouTube.

In 2013, Dan released his first single, “Kiss You”, and amidst worldwide tweets, he began performing at various NYC venues. Daniel has also played multiple outdoor events along the Jersey Shore captivating over 1,000 young adult fans with his magnetic vibe. Now at age 21, he has just completed his much anticipated first album.

With his unwavering vision, Dan uses music to share his life stories and express a deep understanding of human emotion. He is an artist who breaks boundaries by delivering his message through unconventional sounds. It is his uninhibited, natural abilities and his “feel-good” music that leave fans smiling long after Dan has exited the stage.

Miz’s upcoming new single “Let It Go” is set for release this Friday 17th February 2017.
I had the privilege of listening to the track and absolutely love it.

Single Cover: "Let It Go"

What can I say, this guy has soul, beautiful falsetto, harmony, and just brings pure magic in anything he produces.

Dan speaks from the heart which can resonate with any listener who is listening to his music.

Music is definitely in his blood because he is creative and talented and can bring his amazing ideas to life and that is a true genius right there.

In this exclusive interview, Dan talks about where he’s from, how old did he know when he wanted to become a singer-songwriter, who was his inspiration, memorable achievements and more.

Please welcome my special guest Dan Miz.

Please tell the readers who you are and where you’re from?

DM: I'm Dan Miz, I'm a singer, songwriter, and producer from New York. 

How old were you when you knew that you wanted to become a singer-songwriter?

DM: My passion for music started when I was 3. I picked up drumsticks then geared to piano, guitar and so on. I knew from the age of around 9 that I wanted to write/produce music and share my vision with the world. 

Who was your inspiration in pursuing your career?

DM: I'd say my mom and dad were the reason why I pursued this career. Other than being extremely supportive, they are huge fans. I always look to create new music and send it to them to show them how far their care for me went. 

Another thing that inspires me is the high I get from music itself. The feeling of playing my music, discovering music and experimenting with different sounds is a feeling that cannot be competed with. Moreover, I've always felt the urge to share my story and build a collection of music for my fans to listen to/trust. 

Throughout your career to date, what has been your most memorable achievement? And what has been the most challenging?

DM: The most memorable moment was more of a personal experience. I went into hibernation mode for about 3 years before 2017. I spent those years crafting my sound and ideas. The day I woke up and said, I'm ready was by far the best moment. 

The most challenging part for me would be expressing myself without music. I've lived majority of my life with music as my instrument for communication. 

Your new single “Let It Go”, what does the song mean to you?

DM: Let It Go is a song about being under pressure to let go of all of your fears and to just have a good time. I struggle with getting out of my own head when I go out and I'm sure many people have the same feeling. 

What was the process of making your latest track and upcoming album?

DM: When making this track, I wanted to produce something pretty unconventional from my usual sound. "Let It Go" features heavy hitting drums and processed synthesizers. Changing the vocal effect in the drop was also important in regards to delivering the message of an elegantly hectic drop.  

When making the album my main goal was to tell a story. But, I did it in a very natural way. None of the songs were forced or overthought. This album is the truest amount of me and my emotion.

Every song started with an idea which was then executed into a cleanly pressed song from start to finish. I went through about 90 to 100 songs to come to the final 8 that would be selected for the album. I put my heart and soul into creating this piece of work. 

When will your new single and album be released?

DM: "Let It Go" will be released on Feb 17, 2017. In regards to the album, we are hoping to release it this summer.

In the coming months, what should we expect?

DM: In the next couple of months, I will be releasing single after single after single. Every song tells a different story and leads up to the album. 

And what would you like to say to your current and new fans?

DM: We put out "Clouds" on January 13, 2017. That song, which was my first single got over 40,000 plays in five days. That blew me away and it made me really excited. I want to say thank you to everybody who listens to that song and I also want to say thank you to everybody who is following this movement. I cannot wait to share more stories with you. 

Thank you so much, Dan for doing this exclusive interview with me. It was a pleasure and an honor and look forward to the official release of your new single “Let It Go” this Friday 17th February 2017.

And thank you to all of my MBC fam who stop by and showing your continuous support and supporting all the artists who have been featured on my blog these past 3 years.

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To you can hear previous singles “Clouds” and “Easy” and latest single "Let It Go" now on Spotify.

Two great singles and I can definitely vouch that you will fall in love with these songs.

It’s uplifting, energetic and upbeat. Songs that you would want in your life :)

And I can’t wait for you all to hear the complete track of new single “Let It Go” as you will feel the same way.

You can purchase “Clouds” and new single "Let It Go"  now on ITunes!!!

“Let It Go” will be out on ITunes this Friday 17th February 2017 so keep a look out to purchase your copy of this hit single.

Yes, I said hit single, because it has so much potential to be played on all radio stations globally. So make sure to help out and send your requests to your local radio station to get this artist air played on the radio.

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