Thursday, 18 May 2017

Best Of: Robert Miles

Roberto Concina (3 November 1969 - 9 May 2017), better known by his stage name Robert Miles was a Swiss-born Italian record producer, composer, musician, and DJ.

Miles sadly passed away in Ibiza, Spain, 9th May 2017 at the age of 47 after a 9 month battle with stage 4 metastatic cancer.

He was well known for hit singles “Children”, “Fable” and “One and One” featuring Maria Nayler, “Freedom” featuring Kathy Sledge, “Full Moon”, “Everyday Life”, “Paths” featuring Nina Miranda, “Improvisations: Part 2”, “Connections” and “ Pour Te Parler” (remixes).

Miles also released 6 studio albums such as “Dreamland” (1996), “Dreamland (Limited Winter Edition) (1996), “23am” (1997), “Organik” (2001), “Miles_Gurtu” (2004), and “Th1rt3en” (2011).

Along with some of the albums, he released remix versions such as “DJ Robert Miles – In The Mix” (1997), “Renaissance Worldwide” with Dave Seaman” (1997) and “Organik Remixes” (2002).

Here are some of the greatest hit songs that we all know and still love.

Robert Miles – Children

Robert Miles – Fable

Robert Miles ft. Maria Nayler – One and One

Robert Miles ft. Kathy Sledge – Freedom

Robert Miles – Full Moon

Robert Miles – Everyday Life

Robert Miles ft. Nina Miranda – Paths

Robert Miles – Improvisations: Part 2

Robert Miles – Connections

Robert Miles – Pour Te Parler

MBC is paying tribute to a one of the best EDM DJ and Producer Robert Miles, who produced exquisite music that was so ahead of his time and that it is still relevant, now and in years to come.

The music he released were timeless, effortless and captivating and that is what made him so successful in this industry.

He will be sadly missed, but forever remembered in years to come.

I hope you all enjoyed this special edition and please enjoy the songs and make sure to purchase now on ITunes. You can also listen to my complete compilation on Spotify.

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