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Artist Of The Week: Q&A With Elli Schoen

I had the pleasure to interview my third artist Elli Schoen who was happy to be a part of the series.

Elli is an Indie-Pop singer-songwriter who hails from Queensland originally but moved to Perth at a young age. In this exclusive interview, the artist talks about her life experiences, music career, who she would duet with, recent Oz tour, her latest single and more.

Check out Elli’s latest single ‘Gold Mess’ via the link below.

As mentioned in the interview, the song is about “‘Gold Mess’ is my favourite song on the EP. I feel like this song represents me as an artist right now. It’s about a small town and the relationships that form whether you like it or not.” – Elli Schoen

I read recently which sums up this artist “She oscillates between a mellow timbre, lithospheric high notes and crystal clarity. Equal parts broken, redemptive and buoyant.” – Rolling Stone Australia

Gold Mess is a song that can sure relate to so many out there who have or are going through the same thing in their lives.

A true talent that can go far and beyond in this industry and a singer who deserves to be recognized for the amazing work she produces.

One of my fav’s from the EP is 'Mumma'. Here is a LIVE performance :)

You can purchase Elli Schoen’s EP “Gold Mess” now on ITunes and you can listen to the EP on Spotify.

Please welcome my special guest Elli Schoen!!!

Please tell the readers who you are and where you’re from?
Elli: I’m Elli Schoen, a self-taught singer-songwriter. I was born in far north Queensland but moved to Perth at a young age. I ended up in Fremantle because of the rich music scene and stunning beaches.

When did you know you wanted to become a singer-songwriter?
Elli: I was about thirteen when I picked up a guitar. My mum use to play and I asked her to teach me a few chords. I realised I had a talent for writing songs but it all came together when I started singing those songs live.

If you could sing with your favourite idol dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Elli: If I could play with any musician it would have to be Jeff Buckley. He had the most amazing ways of using his voice. His songs really inspired me and I would love to see him play live but unfortunately, he was taken before his time.

Your latest single “Gold Mess” is off your latest EP “Gold Mess”. What does this song mean to you?
Elli: ‘Gold Mess’ is my favourite song on the EP. I feel like this song represents me as an artist right now. It’s about a small town and the relationships that form whether you like it or not.

What was your favourite part in making the EP?
Elli: My favourite part in making the EP, was working with the talented producer Joel Quartermaine. He helped me get the most out of my songs and push myself as an artist.

Recently you were on Tour in Oz, what was the biggest highlight when you were on tour?
Elli: The biggest highlight on tour was being on the road with the band. I love the guys I work with and we have such a good time together.

What advice would you give from your experience to the artist’s out there who are trying to get into the music industry, what would you say to them?
Elli: I would tell them that you need to have a really thick skin for the music industry. You have to believe in yourself and your talent no matter what happens.

What should we expect from you in the coming months?
Elli: I’m going to be hiding away and getting creative. I have a few ideas that I want to apply to my next project. I’ll be changing my sound slightly and diving into new genres.

And what would you like to say to your new and current fans?
Elli: I would like to say to my new and old fans to get excited about my new project, it’s going to be an exciting 2018 and I feel like it’s my year to shine and put forward my best music yet.

Thank you so much for your time Elli, it was a pleasure interviewing you.

To find out more about this artist you can now via the links below.


As mentioned earlier you can purchase EP “Gold Mess” now on ITunes and you can listen to all 4 tracks on Spotify.

I might have another one or two more artists to end the series, so stay tuned!!

Love discovering new talent because they are the ones that everyone should know about.

You see them being so underrated and that needs to stop.

And you the readers can help by purchasing their music and attending their live shows and of course sharing their music on all social media.
It takes you the fans to make a difference so make sure to show your support!!!

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