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Artist Of The Week: Q&A With Jae Jin

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Recently I discovered this artist from one of my family members and the moment I heard the song I straight away got in touch with Singer-songwriter Jae Jin who is from Baltimore, Maryland USA. We had a lovely chat and the next here we are.

His latest new song “Heart Smiles” is such a beautiful song. The artist explains what the song is about in this exclusive interview!

Check out ‘Heart Smiles’ video below:

What I love about this song is the story, the concept, the colour, and shades in the video and his soulful vocals and energy. He is one artist to look out for and support!!!

Jin is multi-talented and can do just about anything!!!

In case you don’t know who Jae Jin is, here is a brief bio.

Jae Jin is an Independent Global Recording Artist, Singer-songwriter, and Multi-Instrumentalist & Actor (SAG-AFTRA). His award-winning debut full-length album titled KAIROS was released independently with 3 tracks being pinned for GRAMMY consideration in 2016 in 3 different categories (Americana, R&B, and Pop).

He has been recognized as an emerging force by the likes of Pat Monahan (Lead singer-songwriter of TRAIN), Russell Simmons (Def-Jam co-founder), and has also been featured on The Huffington Post, SOFARSOUNDS, WorldStarHipHop, The Communion Residency, & the Emmy Award-winning TV show, House Of Cards, Heart Smiles is his newest original single and brings a new sound melding contemporary and throwback music.

A great quote from Def-Jam co-founder Russell Simmons “I believe he has raw talent and I see great potential in him to use his unique talent and life story to create his art.”

And I can definitely agree with Russell on that one.

Please welcome my special guest Jae Jin :)

Please tell the readers who is Jae Jin and where you’re from?

J: My name is Jae Jin and I’m a soul singer/songwriter from Baltimore, Maryland in the USA. My ethnic background is Korean and my debut album, KAIROS was released last year in South Korea with numerous tracks appearing on many Korean dramas and TV shows.

How old were you when you knew you wanted to become a singer-songwriter?

J: I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t decide to pursue music professionally until 2014. So you could say that I’m a newcomer, but I’m very grateful to have reached so many milestones this quickly in my career!

Your catchy new tune ‘Heart Smiles’ is on repeat here at MBC HQ, what does this song mean to you and why?

J: First, thank you for playing it at the MBC HQ.
Heart Smiles is about the power of selflessly loving someone regardless of the outcome. At its core, love assures the continuity of heart smiles throughout life. I’m actually so proud of this song because it took quite a while to come together and everything, from the production to the songwriting to the recording, really came together at the right times.

What was the process in making the song and video?

J: The song took many months to perfect and refine. It went through many versions before the final one. The video was a fun endeavour that I undertook with two graduates from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. I was able to crowdfund the music video costs and we recorded and finalised everything in less than 2 weeks.

Two years ago you released an album called ‘Kairos’, which by the way is my favourite album. Which song is your favourite? 

J: Thank you so much for that! Kairos was indeed my debut full-length album and I’m really happy that even now, people are discovering it. Each song is very meaningful to me, but I would say that Ain’t About Love is probably one of the first I share with people.

Throughout your career to date, what has been the biggest highlight?

J: I would say that getting to travel and meet amazing new people has been one of the biggest highlights. I have been able to travel to more than 60 cities in 7 countries over the past two years including shows in London, Paris, South Korea, and Singapore! Hopefully, I’ll get the opportunity to go to Australia one day.

If you could give advice to up and coming artists who are trying to make it in the industry, what would you say to them?
J: Well I’m not really in the “industry” because I’m an independent artist, but my best advice is that there is no better time to be an independent artist and give this a try. It is definitely going to be challenging and difficult but if you give it everything, you’ve got a really great chance at getting the opportunity to sustain yourself doing what you love!

In the coming months, what should we expect? A new album perhaps?

J: I am indeed heading back to studio to work on another EP album as well as continue to lay down more tracks. I’ll definitely be keeping MBC posted about these.

And lastly, what would you like to say to your fans?

J: I would like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. It is such an honour and a privilege to be able to create art and have people be moved and inspired by it. I hope to continue to strive for excellence in my craft and songwriting as well as a human being. I hope you’ll join my journey in support! Please feel free to connect with me online via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) as I make great efforts to connect with my fans and supporters.

Thank you so much, Jae, in being a part of this exclusive interview. It was a pleasure interviewing you and look forward to seeing what’s next in the coming months!!! And when you do tour in Australia we look forward to having you :) 

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Don’t forget you can purchase new single “Heart Smiles” now on ITunes and you can listen on Spotify which includes his latest album KAIROS.

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I am just going to enjoy listening to Jae's album "Kairos", what a joy to listen to :) 

Much love to you all and ciao for now!
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