Wednesday, 23 August 2017

New Music Discovery

Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday!!!
Hope you’re having a great start to your day and ready for some new music!!!

Dean Ray is my first artist as it is a special request from one of his fans. Always happy to take requests. If you have an artist in mind and feel they should be in my New Music Discovery, feel free to comment below or send your requests to

Thank you also to another fan who requested Casey Barnes to be featured in MBC’s New Music Discovery.

Love discovering new music because that means I get to share it with you ;-)

As always, if you love today’s entry you can purchase all 12 tracks now on ITunes or you can listen to my complete compilation on Spotify via the link below!

Sit back, relax and happy listening!!

Dean Ray – The Winnings (Australia)

Amali Golden – Elephant (In The Room) (Australia)

Casey Barnes – Keep Me Coming Back (Australia)

Harper – Bad Luck (UK)

Steps – Neon Blue (UK)

Echosmith – Future Me (USA)

Peter Hollens & Mike Tompkins – Attention (Charlie Puth Cover) (USA)

Rachel Platten – Broken Glass (USA)

Bruno Mars – Versace On The Floor (USA)

Neil Finn – Second Nature (NZ)
*Pre-order new album “Out Of Silence” now on ITunes.
Release date: 1st September 2017

Jessie J – Real Deal (Lyric Video) (UK)

Jake Miller – Lost Time (USA)

What a way to end the entry and I hope you enjoyed this awesome compilation.

Welcome back to some artist’s featured in this entry, great to have you back with awesome new music!!!

As mentioned earlier if you enjoy today’s playlist you can purchase all 12 tracks now on ITunes and you can listen to my complete compilation on Spotify via the link below.

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Thank you all so much for stopping by and see you in my next entry.

Enjoy the rest of your day and talk to you soon.

Much love to you all and ciao for now!
Hanan xx

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