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Album Review: Anthony Callea ARIA Number 1 Hits In Symphony

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In this special entry, I have shared my thoughts on Anthony Callea’s new album “Aria Number 1 Hits In Symphony (with The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra).”

Aria artist Anthony Callea is back with a remarkable album called Aria Number 1 Hits In Symphony (with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra).

Coming back from releasing Backbone in 2016, this album is sure to strike a chord with each and everyone listening. You can’t beat a symphony orchestra and those set of pipes like this artist.

Check out behind the scenes with Anthony Callea and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Each song featured is sure to be a favourite as it is of mine. It’s hard to pick which one I love, but if I had to choose I love the stripped version of classic hit single ‘Rain’, ‘Save The Best For Last’ and ‘Right Here Waiting’. 

These iconic songs have been taken to the next level and not many people would think that you could do that and well Anthony did just that. 

Having the orchestra, backup vocalists, the crew, and the musical genius John Foreman they all made this album possible by bringing these songs to life.

Wow haven’t heard Rain in ages and hearing this interpretation is just beautiful. The album sounds so whimsical with all the melodies in the background. Love it so much.  

Welcome back Anthony and look forward to seeing you take this album nationally in July/August 2018.

Tickets are on sale now via the link below!!

Go do yourself a favour and check out this amazing album on Spotify and you can grab a copy on ITunes and at your local retailer.

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