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Artist Of The Week: Q&A With Matthew Kenneally

Welcome to another Artist of the week series.
I would like to introduce to you all my third artist from Melbourne Australia, singer-songwriter Matthew Kenneally who is a solo artist and frontman of Canary.

In this exclusive interview, Matthew talks about where he’s from, his music, inspirations, his band and many more.

Matthew's latest single “Would You Do It Again?” Transcends storytelling. Kenneally paints an intricate picture that journeys love through the humble beginnings of picked guitars, through waves of romantic strings to choral lines. You can hear the influences of Elliot Smith, Laura Marling, and Sufjan Stevens.

“The song is about making the same and arguably bad decision or decisions over and over again. Knowing it will cause you pain but choosing to do it anyway.” Says Kenneally “It is about the irrationality of love. It is about sweetness that can be found in the pain of longing, and jealousy. It is about bittersweet knowledge that you will probably still make the same decisions in the future.”

Often known for exploring the darker, but largely universal side of the human experience, Kenneally’s upcoming work embodies a more refined and reflective sound than the music associated with the Canary name. This possibly influenced by the peaceful surroundings of his bushy Australian abode which he captures.

Check out the video for the latest single ‘Would You Do It Again’ below.

When listening to the song, there is so much expression, simplicity, light, and shade and the colour contrast of the video matches the mood of the song.

Such a talented artist!!! Keep a lookout for what’s to come.

Always happy to hear new music from artists in my hometown in Oz.
Can’t wait for you guys to hear new music from his band and the artist himself.

Please welcome my special guest Matthew Kenneally.

Please tell the readers who you are and where you’re from?

MK: I’m Matthew Kenneally and I’m lead singer-songwriter for Melbourne based band ‘Canary’. I also have a solo project under my own name.

How old were you, when you knew you wanted to become a singer-songwriter?

MK: About 20. I always wanted to play music and was studying guitar and composition at the time, when I realized songwriting was my thing.

Who was or is your inspiration? And why?

MK: I have a lot of inspirations ranging from Conor Oberst to Radiohead, Carl Sagan to Charles Dickens, Paul Thomas Anderson to Vincent Van Gogh. They’re all artists that make music or film or write books or paint pictures that are very ‘human’.

Your latest single ‘Would You Do It Again’ is a great song. What does this song mean to you?

MK: It’s a song about making bad decisions but seeing the reckless sort of romance in that idea.

What was the process of making the song/video? And what was it that you enjoyed and what was the most challenging?

MK: The song was one of those rare songs that was written relatively quickly in one sitting. I enjoy it when that happens because it feels like the most pure expression of a feeling. Before I start over analyzing or overthinking it.

Throughout your career to date, what is one thing that resonates with you?

MK: I try to be as honest as I can with myself and audience when I write. That’s always been a high priority.

Will we be expecting a new album? If so when will it be released?

MK: Yeah probably next year. There’s also new Canary music on the way, so it’ll be a busy year.

In the coming months, what should we expect?

MK: Not much until early next year.

And lastly, what would you like to say to your current and new fans?

MK: Sorry it takes me so long to release stuff.

Thank you so much, Matthew, for being a part of this exclusive interview.

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