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Artist Of The Week: Q&A With Dom Youdan

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In late 2017, I interviewed this amazingly talented singer-songwriter Dominic Youdan who comes from the UK and has now settled in Sydney Australia that he now calls home.

Dom released a great new single called ‘Tigerlily’ which you can watch the video below.

What do I think of this video and song, well let’s start with the video.

The simplicity, authenticity and the colour and shade complement each other side by side which makes it whole. From beginning to end it tells us a story and draws you in the moment you see the artist sitting in an empty room with just his guitar and speaker.

Each frame filmed really is well thought of and done to perfection. Kudos to the people involved in making this video. It takes time and effort to create such high quality.

This song, I love. Dom explains that the song ‘Tigerlily’ well, it’s a very intimate look at falling in love, realizing there’s someone you want to be with and coming to terms with the implications that’s going to have on your life.

Just hearing the first few lines you are immediately captivated, and drawn to the song.

It’s smooth, mesmerizing, calm and a joy to listen to.

In this exclusive interview, Dom talks about his origins, what he has been up to since the release of ‘Tigerlily’ and EP, the process in making the EP, who inspired him and much more!!!

Please welcome my special guest Dom Youdan.

If you can tell the readers who you are and where you’re from?

D: Hey team. I’m a UK London boy trying to give singer-songwriters a contemporary renaissance. I also crossed the stormy seas and now get to call Australia home. If you’re looking for someone who appreciates a good lyric as much as a good drop - you just found him. 

What have you been up to since the release of your new EP and self-titled single “Tigerlily”?

D: It’s been pretty full on, and an amazing feeling to finally have the EP out there to the world. I didn’t expect it to have such an impact on me; it’s a combination of pride and relief!

We played some pretty awesome shows to promote it; sold out our first full band show, which was pretty groovy. Then we went and supported Bec Sandridge, which was a lot of fun. I’m also back in the studio working on the next EP already, and I can’t wait to get back into it. Oh, and I’m playing a few intimate shows (Sofar Sounds) in December and HOPEFULLY…going over to Melbourne in Jan for more fun.

Take us through the process of the making of your new EP Tigerlily? What inspired you to write these songs, where was it produced, who did you work with and what is the meaning of your latest single “Tigerlily”?

D: The EP tries to look at love with a refreshing honesty, in both its elation and its insecurities. I find love to be this immensely personal feeling, even though you share it with someone, and this EP speaks to that. At times it’s a lot of fun and carefree, but at others, there’s the fear of loss and the uncertainty of falling for someone. The single Tigerlily embodies that completely. It’s a very intimate look at falling in love, realizing there’s someone you want to be with and coming to terms with the implications that’s going to have on your life. I mean, you’re hoping they will be good, but you also don’t know for sure. The EP was produced by Xavier Dunn, who is an incredibly talented man. Seriously…it’s scary.

Out of the 5 songs on the EP which song is your favourite and why?

D: I think Don’t Love Me still speaks the most to me. I dig how it looks at two lovers and explores both perspectives, only to reveal that they both feel the same, without realizing the other is in the same boat. Plus, I got to collab with Bec Sandridge on the second verse, which was a blast.

What or who inspired you to pursue a career in music?

D: I find myself inspired by different artists every day. There’s so much talent out there at the moment. I love discovering someone new and taking solace from their music and the journey they’ve been on to get there. You hope you can do the same.

I think there has always been a fire burning, but I was absolutely terrified of singing live, so I didn’t really start to get into music properly until super late. Just the idea of opening up to someone on stage freaked me out. But, I finally got over it, taught myself guitar, piano and production. My uncle was a big influence growing up - damn it that man could make a guitar talk.

Throughout your career to date, what has been the most challenging? And how did you overcome it?

D: You hear it all the time but it’s so true - being afraid to fail. Worrying about what others will think, when all that really matters is what you want to achieve and where you want to go. You can never follow a road if you refuse to walk it. I guess it took me a while to realize that.

If you could give advice on your experience in the industry, what would you say to up and coming artists who want to get into the music industry?

D: Never. Stop. Writing. Keep trying to take your music further. Write the music you believe in, and if that doesn’t work…do it all over again. But, try and be savvy - music is changing. Don’t expect someone to sign you off your first gig. It’s going to take a lot of work, but then again, so does everything.

What should we expect in the coming months?

D: A few gigs, a couple of live videos AND…If everything goes to plan the first song off my next EP early next year.

And what would you like to say to your fans?

D: Wow, tough question. My honest answer would be - no idea. I guess to anyone who has discovered me, I’d just want to give them a massive digital hug / high-five combo. It really is the best feeling when people connect with your music, hopefully, it’s just the beginning.

Thank you so much, Dom, for taking the time to do this exclusive interview with me.
It was a pleasure to interview you and getting to know you as an artist.

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