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Artist Of The Week: Q&A With Steve Jason

Hi MBC fam and welcome to my first entry in 2020!!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and having a great start to your New Year.

To start off the series, I recently interviewed an up and coming singer-songwriter from the UK who has swag, soul and a talent that’s unique and one of a kind.

His name is Steve Jason.
Remember this name, as this artist is definitely going places!!!

Steve recently released a new song called ‘Backseat’, which you can check the video below!

And has also released a previous single called ‘Obsession’.

Both catchy tunes that are perfect to play at parties, clubs or for your ears only and definitely deserves to be air played on commercial radio!!

The songs, have the hook that gets you connected and just want more!

You will be singing and dancing that’s for sure.

Make sure to follow all social media links below, and you can purchase his new single ‘Backseat’ and other single ‘Obsession’ now on ITunes and Google Music.

In this exclusive interview, Steve talks about himself, experience, his music, what’s to come and more!! It’s intimate and everything you need to know about the singer.

Please welcome my special guest Steve Jason :)

Please tell the readers who you are and where you are from?

SJ: Well, thanks for having me as your first interview this year. It’s an absolute pleasure to feature on your blog!

I’m Steve Jason, I’m a singer/songwriter, born and raised in London.

I’m a determined and ambitious man, who always strives for success in all that I do.

Having not being raised in a rich or well to do family, I’ve had to work hard to raise money and develop my skills for basically everything in this music game.

From buying my own studio equipment to learning how to produce and write my own music. It hasn’t been easy, but I am grateful for every moment I’ve had to teach myself and learn from others.

I currently work as a singer across the UK, and also, enjoy running a few side businesses.

How did you get into singing? Who or what inspired you?

SJ: I think getting into singing came from me, just really being into and loving music.
Growing up, I used to love dancing and singing with my brothers to various pop artists as well as some of the classic, Motown records and Michael Jackson.

We used to go to church, where there were instruments and singing every Sunday. So after the service, I would ask the church musicians to teach me a few things on the piano, drums or guitar, and then go home and practice.

I started off at 6 years old playing the piano, ok an old cheap keyboard my mum bought for me and write songs. At some point, I think it occurred to me that, there needs to be a song long with the piano.

So I started writing melodies and lyrics then. My dad then bought a piano into the house at some point, which really helped me develop. I eventually, went to college and university to develop my music technology skills.

Stories like Michael Jackson’s really inspired me. He was an artist with an awesome talent, which he was home trained and crafted in order to rise up from humble beginnings.

In the same way, I have worked hard and developed myself and my own musical and production abilities to the point, where I can hopefully now rise up in this industry to my full potential. It hasn’t been easy, but I am enjoying the climb.

Your latest song ‘Backseat’ which is a great tune by the way, what was the inspiration behind the song, and what does it mean to you?

SJ: The message of the song really is about the value of true love and how it shouldn’t be played with for a temporary gain or momentary pleasure.

The song was inspired by me being cheated on by my ex, only for her to realize that the guy she cheated on me with actually played her.

But it was too late for her and I to reconcile the relationship though she tried. The less was learned too late.

Hopefully, people will think twice about their own actions, while hearing this song.

What was the process of making the video to your latest single?

SJ: Well for ‘Backseat’, I had to plan out the video first in terms of what it would show and then book the model, car, and cameraman. It was all self-directed and self-funded which was not easy.

When trying to co-ordinate all the different people and the use of the car, we actually failed the first time around, trying to shoot the video as the first model couldn’t make it.

So by the second time around shooting the video, I had to use a whole new crew. As a perfectionist, I still look at the video and see a thousand things I would like to change.

However, when you are self-funded and independent, there has to come a time where you say you are done and move on. Otherwise, nothing would ever be finished. I also sat through the whole editing process.

Please check out @shotbywill on Instagram to see more of the videographer's work. He also shot and edited the ‘Obsession’ video as well.

Will there be an upcoming EP?

SJ: I think at some point maybe. But with the way things are in the independent industry at the moment, I’m not sure an EP at my stage is necessary.

For now, I will keep releasing songs track by track, whilst building my brand.

In the coming months, what should the fans expect?

SJ: I’ve been recently approached to write and compose the music for a new musical movie being shot later in 2020.

I’ve also been asked to star in the movie and perform which I think will be awesome! I’ve been told the brief of the storyline and fell in love with the message of the movie, as well as the actual story plot itself!

This is exciting for me and will take up a lot of my production time over 2020.

However, besides the movie, I intend on building my brand, telling my unique store more and releasing new music. I actually have a few businesses on the go at the moment because being an independent artist can often mean that other streams of income are needed.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes comprise the rate of speed of production as I write and produce my music all by myself.

I think this year there will be more songs and videos, plus a movie and perhaps also some merchandise towards the end of 2020. So look out for your Steve Jason caps, mugs, and t-shirts!

And lastly, what would you like to say to your new and current fans?

SJ: I would just like to give a huge, deep and meaningful thankyou to everyone who considers themselves a fan.

If you bought any of the tracks you’re awesome. Also if you are a fan, it would be great to hear from you! I can DM me @steve_jason_official on Instagram, and just tell me how it’s going and how you feel about my music.

It’s not easy at this current climate as an indie artist (who does almost everything himself) so hearing back from the fans always take away that cold feeling that there is no one out there listening.

I’m reminded of why I do this when I get the few messages I do from people telling me they love my art. Also, I just want to share my appreciation to anyone out there listening (reading this) who loves and supports my music.


Thank you so much for taking the time Steve in doing this exclusive interview with me, it was a pleasure interviewing you.

And thank you to all my readers also for your continuous support and stopping by as always.

I hope you liked this special entry to kick-start 2020, as I mentioned earlier you can keep up to date on the latest by following Steve Jason on Instagram.

Don’t forget to purchase his music now on ITunes or Google Play ;)

Have an amazing week ahead, and stay tuned for my next entry!!!

Much love to you all and ciao for now!
Hanan xx

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